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Timely Freight Delivery!

With Waxmart LLC, our freight forwarding company, you can expect expertise and professionalism throughout! You will be working with skilled drivers who care about being safe and on time, so if you live in and around the Laurel, MD area – hire us at your earliest convenience! 

Our Services

Logistics Upkeep

Logistics Upkeep
Do you need expert assistance taking care of all the logistics surrounding the shipment and delivery of goods? We have a professional education that’s more than enough to take care of all your logistics needs, and will be happy to help!

Freight Deliveries

Freight Deliveries
Are you a fan of saving money and still getting what you need – from professionals, nonetheless? Choose our freight delivery services! We’ll handle all the goods and deliver them when you need us to and wherever you say!

Carrier Services

Carrier Services
Professional carrier services will take care of your large packages all at once. You don’t have to send them one by one – we can carry the load, and we will.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services
The best thing you should keep in mind about hiring professional transportation for your goods is the safety measures the team will take. We take all precautions- we want your goods to be safe and make it on time!


On-Time and Safe

If you could ensure your packages will be shipped and delivered on time and with the utmost safety in mind – you wouldn’t need someone else to do it for you. However, you probably can’t ensure that on your own because of everything you’re constantly taking care of. Not to worry, though. You could still get the goods down the road whenever you need them to go and make sure everything is timely and kept safe. You just call a professional company dealing in transportation and container freight shipping!

We’ll Keep Up With You 

It’s our job to keep up with your day and timeline. We will not push our agenda – it’s your business when you’ll hire us and when you want your shipping and delivery from us. We just have to know so we can try our best to schedule you at the perfect time you’ve relayed to us. But we won’t make you conform to our schedule – it will always be the other way around! That’s how we ensure we get people to trust us and allow us to handle their goods on the road. We’re professionals, and we’ll cater to you!

More Areas We Serve

Of course, we chose to serve more than one area – what kind of freight shipping company would we be if we were stuck in a small radius and never venture out anywhere else? People can usually handle short-distance deliveries on their own, but what they want assistance with is long-distance. We knew from the start we’re a great team – professional, mindful of the goods you need to be transported, safe and hasty on the road, and we just had to make all of that available to even more people! 

  • Maryland City, MD
  • Hyattsville, MD
  • Ferndale, MD
  • New Carrollton, MD
  • Fort Meade, MD

Call Waxmart LLC and experience the kind of freight transportation you can be proud of – timely and safe! We’ve worked for years to develop the right system that allows us to maneuver through the roads safely and quickly because we know those are two qualities in any transportation provider that customers care about deeply. If you live in and around the Laurel, MD area and need us to be the professionals who will take your good and transport them to another place without mistakes – call to hire us now!

Client Testimonials

by Blake Huntington on Waxmart LLC
Trustworthy Freight Forwarding Company!

Impressive freight forwarding company. They were on point, and the deliveries they made were intact and hasty - a pleasure to work with such an incredible team. They got the job done just as I expected. Hire this team if you want responsible, trustworthy drivers who will deliver whatever you need in a timely fashion and with quality!

Waxmart LLC
Laurel, MD 20723
Phone: (240) 462-4992

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